Title Start Time End Time Severity
OMS MY is down09/21/2016 12:44pm09/21/2016 12:55pm1
Orders not pushing to OMS09/20/2016 8:00am09/20/2016 10:00am1
Could not pack in Express Checkout or Download invoice in package manager09/13/2016 8:29am09/13/2016 9:29am3
MyraCloud showed some captcha verification09/08/2016 14:08pm09/08/2016 14:41pm1
MY: Cant download AWBS in Shipment Tracker09/04/2016 22:00pm09/05/2016 0:00am2
OMS MY is down09/04/2016 10:02am09/04/2016 10:10am5
Could not create new handover order - OMS MY09/04/2016 9:00am09/04/2016 9:45am2
#20998: Handover cant ship06/26/2016 15:00pm06/26/2016 15:30pm1
ALL: Missing navigation menu on OMS06/20/2016 11:30am06/20/2016 12:00pm2
ID: Orders are not flowing from BOB to OMS06/07/2016 18:01pm06/07/2016 18:26pm1
PH: orders stuck a order_verification_in_progress06/07/2016 17:20pm06/07/2016 18:12pm1
ID: Batch Manager did not work06/07/2016 17:00pm06/08/2016 12:25pm2
MY: Cycle count stuck at processing06/03/2016 11:34am06/03/2016 11:34am3
MY: Cant download AWBS in Shipment Tracker06/02/2016 20:34pm06/02/2016 20:34pm2
MY: SGHKTW orders not flowing unto MY OMS06/02/2016 17:03pm06/02/2016 17:03pm1
TW & HK not loading properly06/01/2016 17:06pm06/02/2016 10:50am1
MY: Order statuses are not synced06/01/2016 1:11am06/08/2016 14:00pm2
MY: Orders for HKTWSG are not coming into OMS MY05/31/2016 17:00pm05/31/2016 17:00pm1
MY: Data imports are stuck uploading05/31/2016 12:27pm05/31/2016 12:27pm2
TH: cannot close cycle count05/31/2016 10:36am06/01/2016 10:39am5
MY: Inventory master report running forever05/30/2016 16:37pm05/30/2016 16:37pm3
TH: OMS orders stuck in customer service verification05/30/2016 7:20am05/30/2016 7:20am1
MY: error 620505/26/2016 21:41pm05/26/2016 15:38pm4
ZMY - Cannot Ship Handover Order # 1368405/26/2016 20:25pm05/26/2016 20:25pm1
ID: Can't receive email when reset password05/26/2016 10:33am05/26/2016 11:48am1
MY: Extractions from Inventory Master not working05/25/2016 18:00pm05/25/2016 18:30pm2
MY: SGHKTW orders not flowing unto MY OMS05/24/2016 18:39pm05/24/2016 18:39pm1
MY: SGHKTW orders not flowing unto MY OMS05/23/2016 16:30pm05/23/2016 16:30pm1
MY: Handover 12908 - Could Not Shipped05/19/2016 22:02pm05/19/2016 22:02pm3
ID: Orders are not flowing from BOB to OMS05/19/2016 13:30pm05/19/2016 13:30pm1
MY: Cross shopping order stuck in order_verification_pending05/19/2016 11:24am05/19/2016 14:05pm1
ID: Orders are not flowing from BOB to OMS05/16/2016 22:40pm05/19/2016 22:40pm1
MY: Can't update tracking number and ship05/16/2016 16:16pm05/16/2016 16:16pm4
PH: OMS is slow05/14/2016 19:46pm05/14/2016 19:46pm2
ID: Orders pending since 14th May05/14/2016 10:45am05/16/2016 19:28pm1
OMS TH is down05/13/2016 14:36pm05/13/2016 14:43pm1
OMS daemons is dead05/11/2016 11:47am05/11/2016 11:47am1
MY: Handover cannot be shipped05/10/2016 21:37pm05/10/2016 21:37pm1
PH & TH: No data exported in Shipment Tracker AWB05/06/2016 17:00pm05/06/2016 19:30pm1
PH: OMS Slow and keeps on logging out05/06/2016 14:43pm05/06/2016 15:00pm1
TH: Unable to download file05/05/2016 18:42pm05/05/2016 19:24pm1
PH: Unable to Print the AWB and Invoice05/05/2016 18:40pm05/05/2016 19:24pm1
MY: Unable to cancel orders05/05/2016 13:10pm05/06/2016 9:34am3
Batches did not run05/03/2016 10:10am05/04/2016 11:14am3
MY & SG: Cannot Ship Handover04/29/2016 19:04pm04/29/2016 19:04pm1
ID - OMS down04/19/2016 18:42pm04/19/2016 18:55pm1
TH: DM down04/18/2016 10:25am04/18/2016 12:00pm1
MY: Picklist remained open though already complete04/14/2016 18:40pm04/14/2016 18:40pm4
VN: Could not inbound 3 skus from supplier Birkenstock04/04/2016 12:21pm04/04/2016 12:30pm3
MY: Could not Ship03/29/2016 19:19pm03/30/2016 16:51pm2
Unable to Access Dispatcher in OMS03/28/2016 14:32pm03/28/2016 14:33pm2
PH - Orders not flowing to OMS 03/27/2016 18:54pm03/27/2016 21:08pm1
ZID - Packages cannot be shipped03/27/2016 1:44am03/27/2016 1:20am1
Error downloading file from OMS03/25/2016 16:27pm03/29/2016 17:46pm1
TH - OMS down03/13/2016 19:06pm03/13/2016 19:10pm1
VN: product not synced to OMS03/10/2016 12:11pm03/11/2016 12:11pm2
HK: Orders not going to HK OMS03/08/2016 11:40am03/08/2016 11:40am2
SG: Express Checkout Error - Unable to generate TN & AWB (Singpost & NinjaVan)03/03/2016 15:41pm03/03/2016 15:50pm2
TH: Orders not going to SC02/22/2016 18:00pm03/08/2016 10:44am3
MY: orders stuck in awaiting_fulfillment02/19/2016 11:37am02/19/2016 11:37am3
PH: UID failed delivery in ready_for_qc status01/07/2016 23:19pm01/07/2016 23:19pm4
ID: Orders are not flowing to OMS12/21/2015 15:43pm12/21/2015 16:15pm2
PH - DM down12/14/2015 9:23am12/14/2015 10:16am1
ID: unable to get tracking on dispatcher12/13/2015 22:17pm12/13/2015 22:26pm2
Queues wrongly assigned12/12/2015 11:44am12/12/2015 16:31pm2
Extracting Report from OMS based on Filters12/08/2015 14:46pm12/08/2015 16:06pm3
Queues missing in OMS pick list manager12/06/2015 17:27pm12/07/2015 22:26pm1
SG - Orders stuck in order_verification_pending12/01/2015 18:09pm12/01/2015 18:09pm2
PH - Handover stuck at processing11/26/2015 17:31pm11/26/2015 18:42pm2
PH - OMS down11/26/2015 9:08am11/26/2015 9:29am1
VN - Export CSV scanning move items11/25/2015 16:26pm11/26/2015 10:40am3
SG - ERROR When Printing AWB for X-del11/24/2015 9:39am11/24/2015 9:39am2
VN Unable to ship order at Dispatcher11/23/2015 15:55pm11/23/2015 16:37pm2
VN orders not syncing to OMS11/21/2015 14:30pm11/21/2015 18:49pm2
Missing suppliers 11/09/2015 10:40am11/12/2015 10:40am4
Packages Not Syncing from OMS to DM10/22/2015 11:58am11/20/2015 11:58am2
Cancellation can't send to refund10/14/2015 1:53am10/14/2015 1:53am2
Order is not flowing from BOB to OMS10/09/2015 11:59am10/09/2015 11:59am1
Not able to export csv barcodes from DR or inventory master10/07/2015 10:15am10/07/2015 10:45am2
Orders Not Flowing Into Picklist - Stuck in OMS Hunting Queue10/02/2015 22:07pm10/02/2015 23:55pm3
Orders stuck at CS verifications queue09/23/2015 10:05am09/23/2015 10:05am3
ZA ID - DR stuck at Inbound (ready for QC status)09/21/2015 17:01pm09/21/2015 17:01pm3
200k products stuck in the queue09/03/2015 7:14am09/03/2015 7:14am1
Eve doesn't consume messages08/30/2015 10:27am08/30/2015 10:27am3
background php tasks halt sometime08/27/2015 15:15pm08/27/2015 15:15pm1
zxc08/25/2015 12:08pm08/25/2015 12:08pm1
Test08/25/2015 11:44am08/25/2015 11:44am1
Orders are not in OMS08/21/2015 14:47pm08/21/2015 14:47pm3

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